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This is Yellow, This is Blue: A Visual Guide to Understanding Gas-lighting

It can be difficult to find a succinct and helpful tool to spark a dialogue about emotional abuse.  Gas-lighting, most specifically.  Emotional abuse, in general, is difficult to explain to people because there's no broken bones, no visible bruises, no stitched up skin, no discernible sign of physical trauma.  I'm not here to say that one is better or worse than the other (clearly, they are both horrible and difficult to overcome) but with more "invisible" evidence of emotional abuse, it can be frustrating to know that what folks went through was damaging, demoralizing, and destructive but then still have the added knowledge that there will be people who don't believe them -- who say they're exaggerating -- who don't understand.  People understand a broken bone.  They don't understand a broken sense of self.  Maybe they think   get over it  or   get over yourself  or   we still talkin' about this?   The recovery period isn't as clear cut as   w