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I Am What I Think You Think I Am

 Originally published on The Community Innovation Network website. I Am What I Think You Think I Am Sarah Wolf , MFA, MSSA Candidate Community Innovation Network Graduate Student Research Assistant February 8th, 2021 On February 1st, we launched our brand-new Foundations of Collaborative Community Change (FC3) with the first workshop, Change Agents Unite. As a Graduate Student Research Assistant at Community Innovation Network, I was so ready to be part of this incredible group of participants from all over the United States. We gathered in a virtual space ready to be inspired by the facilitators -- CIN Founder Dr. Mark Chupp and his Mandel School colleague Dr. Adrianne Fletcher -- and inspired by each other. To spark new joy into our community work. To aid in that process, Dr. Chupp and Dr. Fletcher guided us in thoughtful dialogue -- and introduced some very poignant exercises. Namely, we did “ The Looking Glass Self Exercise ,” something always available in our  CIN Toolkits . In t